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"Thank you so much for representing me... I really appreciate all of the time and effort you both put forth on my behalf.  I'm grateful for the excellent advice at each step which helped make the process easier and led to the good outcome.  It was really wonderful to work with you both."
                    -Client in 2014

"It was great as always working with both of you on this defense.  The medical providers were fortunate to have your expertise and support."
Expert witness in 2014

I am pleased we were all able to bring this matter to closure, and thank you for your efforts and professional courtesy throughout this matter."
-Opposing counsel in 2014

"Thanks so much for the update and for quickly stepping in to handle this one.  We very much appreciate your great work."
In-House Counsel for a major corporation in 2013

"Just a fantastic result.  I'm sure Dr. Smith was thrilled.  Great work.  Thanks so much!"
                    -Client in 2013

"Excellent" on all fronts.  "Mr. Reardon was available and thorough through this ordeal."
                     -Vice President of Claims for a major health care organization providing physician feedback in 2013

"Your Representation in this matter was greatly appreciated.  If you had not been there for me throughout this ordeal, I would have almost certainly left the practice of medicine."
                    -Client in 2012

"Thank you very much.  You know how much we appreciate your generous contribution of time and effort to our deserving patients."
                    -Client in 2012

"Thank you for this information and for your assistance throughout the case."
                    -Client in 2012

"You have done such a fabulous job on the case.  No matter what happens, you have done all that could be done to bring this matter to a just conclusion and we really appreciate all your efforts."
                    -Client in 2011

"I do want to express my appreciation not only for the skill that you showed in defending the case, but also in the way that you helped prepare me factually and psychologically for my testimony."
                    -Expert Witness in 2011

"I want it noted that yet again you have come through for your clients in a tough case.  Congratulations on the decision for Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones.  You have kept their record intact!  They were lucky to have you at their side."
                     -Dispute Resolution Colleague in 2008

"After 20 years we are still on a roll and with Dr. Smith it put all of your efforts to the test.  He was thrilled as was I.  I always know what good hands your clients are in!"
                      -Dispute Resolution Colleague in 2007

"Thanks so much for making the effort to come and speak to our group.  You helped us enormously with the hearing process.  You are a very special friend."
                    -Client in 2005

"I am overjoyed by the news that I have been dismissed.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of the time, energy, and effort that you and your staff put into this case on my behalf." 
                    -Client in 2002

"From our first meeting, I had great confidence in you and your team.  Once again, thank you for all of your great work."
                    -Client in 2002

"Many thanks for resolving the worst crisis of {spouse}'s life... he is a different man now!"
                     -Client's spouse in 2000

"Its over and winning is better than losing!... Your competence, attention to detail and total immersion in the matter at hand insured our success!  It was a pleasure to watch you work.  I am grateful for the association."
-Client in 1998

"This is a long overdue thanks to both of you for all of your support during the trial last April.  I am sure that this experience is always stressful for your clients but the timing for me was especially difficult.  I appreciate the confidence you had in letting the matter go forward despite the personal stresses I was under... Again, you have my thanks for all of your hard work and emotional support."
-Client in 1998

"Now that everything is over in the {case} I want to let you know how much I appreciate all your efforts.. Your presence before the judge and jury engendered a great deal of confidence.  This together with the way in which you not only prepared us for our testimony but also solicited our opinions on strategic decisions, helped make a very difficult time easier to get through."
-Client in 1998