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For decades, the attorneys at Reardon Law Office LLC (formerly Hassan & Reardon P.C.) have represented New England's largest employers as well as individual clients.  Through our legal counsel, clients have been able to avoid, manage, and resolve disputes which arise in their every day personal and professional lives.

We have represented clients in litigation in various matters in many courts and administrative agencies including:

          ·  State and Federal Appellate Courts

          ·  State and Federal Trial Courts in

             Massachusetts and throughout New


          ·  Administrative agencies such as the

             Human Rights 

             Commission in Rhode Island and the

             Massachusetts Commission Against

             Discrimination in Massachusetts

             governing complaints of discrimination

          ·  Licensure Boards such as the Board

             of Registration in Medicine, Nursing,

             and Allied Health Professionals

          ·  Mediation and Arbitration Proceedings

          ·  Probate Court

          ·  Internal Processes and Hearings such

             as Peer Review hearings and

             Grievance Arbitrations

          ·  Administrative Agencies

Our written opinions, from administrative agencies to the Massachusetts Supreme Court, have been precedent setting and have established important guiding principles and policies.

Many years ago, we recognized that healthcare providers are among the largest employers and that the legal issues surrounding that profession would become increasingly complex and heavily regulated.  This is particularly true of employment and reimbursement regulations and laws.  Having represented clients ranging from corporate senior management to individual professionals in complex litigation has provided our lawyers with the knowledge and experience that our clients have come to expect and depend upon in pursuit of their personal and professional goals.

We are here to advocate for you.

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