For over thirty years, the lawyers at Reardon Law Office LLC (formerly Hassan & Reardon P.C.) have advocate for their clients during the litigation process. Our attorneys have represented clients ranging from the largest institutions in New England to individual employees. The litigation process can be overwhelming and complex. Our firm has both the knowledge and experience to guide a client to their best possible outcome. 


The lawyers at Reardon Law Office LLC boast success with appeals for over thirty years.  Our firm has not only handled appeals once we are retained at that level but also have managed success in preparing arguments at trial which build a solid foundation for success at the appellate level.

The importance of preserving appellate rights at trial cannot be overstated.  Our attorneys diligently prepare so that important legal issues are properly raised and recorded at trial and that preparation begins at the onset of the Client's legal matter.  A strong focus on potential appellate issues often times can lead to favorable settlements or summary judgments before the case ever gets to trial.  Our lawyers are competent at examining all legal issues and relevant facts of case to put together not only the best legal arguments in the discovery and trial phases, but to prepare for the appellate level. 

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation has exploded during the last three decades.  Our attorneys have successfully represented numerous clients in trials before administrative agencies and juries in a cost effective and strategic manner.  We have also successfully prosecuted appeals that have resulted in opinions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which have established important legal precedents regarding both the legal standards to be applied to the facts of the case as well as the evidentiary rules to be followed.    These cases have involved allegations of race, handicap, sex and sexual orientation discrimination, to name a few.  We apply our experience when strategically representing our clients.  Employment litigation can be time consuming and expensive if not properly managed and resolved.  Employment litigation can often be avoided by the implementation of workplace policies and workforce training about the application of such policies.  Our attorneys will help you avoid employment disputes by effective training and confront such issues when they arise.

One of the primary areas of focus of our firm is in the field of employment litigation.  For over thirty years, our attorneys have represented some of Boston's largest employers in litigation matters at every level, from small claims court to the appeals court.

One of the unique services our firm provides is helping employers avoid, manage, and resolve these types of employment issues that can arise in any workplace.  Our firm does this through training services and assisting employers put together employee handbooks as well as helping employers formulate policies and guidelines for the office.

Our firm has handled employment litigation matters such asADA and Disability Law, Age Discrimination, Breach of Contract, Class Actions, Collective Bargaining, Diversity and Inclusion / Dodd-Frank Compliance, Employee Benefits
Employment Training, Practices, and Procedures, Gender Discrimination, Harassment, Immigration, Labor Management Relations, Labor Negotiations, Non-Competition Agreements, Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), Racial Discrimination, Records Inspections, Retaliation, Retirement Plans, Severance Agreements, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Social Media and the Workplace, Terminations, Wage Hour Violations, Whistleblowers Act and Compliance, Wrongful termination

Healthcare Litigation

One of our primary practice areas is Health Care Litigation and Dispute Resolution.  For over thirty years, our attorneys have represented some of Boston's largest health care providers and hospitals, as well as individual and physicians and small practices throughout the Boston area and all of New England.  Our lawyers have represented physician and administrators at every level, from the Board of Registration to superior court to the appeals court all the way to the Supreme Judicial Court.  Our attorneys are also regularly retained by in-house counsel to handle complex and unique litigation matters.

One of the unique services our firm provides is helping hospital and medical facility administrators to avoid, manage, and resolve health care related disputes.  Our firm does this through training services and assisting employers put together employee handbooks as well as helping employers formulate policies and guidelines for the office.Our firm has handled health care litigation matters such as: Advance Aging Care Management, Antitrust Counseling and Defense, Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization, Board of Registration matters for Physicians and Nurses, Compliance Counseling and Defense, Complaints, Corporate Financing, Elder Law, Employee Benefits, ERISA-Related Litigation, Ethical Decision Making, Executive Compensation, Food and Drug Law, Fraud and Abuse Counseling and Defense, Government and Commercial Reimbursement, Government Contracts/Procurement, Health and Welfare Plans, HIPPA, Immigration, Insurance Liability and Coverage Advising, Intellectual Property, International Counseling, Labor & Employment, Legislative/Policy, Life Sciences Litigation/Government Investigations, Managed Care, Medical Ethics, Medical Malpractice, Medical Staff, Peer Review, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures, Multi-Employer Plans, Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), Patients Rights, Practice Management, Privacy and Security Law, Product Marketing, Real Estate, Retirement Plans, Right to Die, Stark/Self-Referral, Tax and Tax Exempt Counseling, and Technology Team.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law involves allegations by a person that they have suffered injury due to the negligent acts of a third party.  Our attorneys have represented numerous clients in personal injury litigation.  This representation has involved both jury trials and appeals of the complex legal and factual issues confronted in these matters.   It is important that you seek appropriate legal advice when confronting such litigation if a successful outcome is to be accomplished.  Our attorneys can provide the strategic guidance you require.

We spend considerable time meeting with our clients and listening about their situation; gathering and studying medical records and other relevant documents;  preparing them for deposition and trial testimony when necessary; and thoroughly strategizing and aggressively prosecuting their case so that a fair and just outcome will be achieved.

Personal injury litigation is when a person claims they suffered bodily injury due to the negligent acts of another.  Car accidents; medical treatment; pharmaceutical side effects; or construction site accidents are just some examples of how these actions can arise.

Probate Litigation

The attorneys of Reardon Law Office LLC have over thirty years of experience representing client in probate litigation matters. When the executor or executrix of an estate violates their fiduciary duty to properly conduct the probate process, the beneficiaries of an estate can engage them in legal action. Will contests or probate disputes can be an emotional process for all parties involved. Our lawyers can help make the process a little easier by bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to what is a new situation for the client.Our Attorneys use their experience to help evaluate the best course of action to be taken in complex probate litigation.  This combined with our ability to successfully communicate with both clients and opposing counsel helps our clients get through this difficult period.  Our experienced attorneys have litigated matters including: Accounting Disputes Breach of Fiduciary Duty Conflict of Interest Evaluation Fraud Guardianships Incompetence No Contest Clauses Petitions for Partitions Tax Controversies Trustee Removal Trusts & Estates Litigation Undue Influence and Lack of Capacity Validity Wills contests Wills drafting


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