The attorneys at Reardon Law Office LLC, have over thirty years of

experience handling a wide variety of immigration law issues including:

Employment Based Visas

Employment visas for temporary or long term business in the United States are available for a variety of commercial ventures or specialty occupations. We assist visa applicants and their employers in the numerous categories of employment based visas.

Family Based Visas

United States citizens and Legal Permanent Residents may petition for visas for certain family members. Spouses, parents and unmarried children under age 21 may be eligible for immediate visas. Other relatives may be eligible for visas that are available after a waiting period. We can provide advice and representation based upon your own family’s circumstances.

Fiancee and Spousal Visas
A United States citizen may petition for a visa for his or her intended spouse. The spouse of a United States citizen may be eligible for an immediate visa. The spouse of a Legal Permanent Resident may be eligible for a visa issued on a priority system. We can provide advice and representation based upon your own particular circumstances.

Change of Status and Visa Extensions

Options may be available to visa holders to change status or to extend visas. We will analyze your own particular circumstances and represent you in applications for change to the United States government.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Citizenship may be based upon place of birth or family members’ citizenship, an individual’s age and other factors. Individuals who are not United States citizens may qualify for citizenship through naturalization, a process dependent upon residency in the United States and other qualifications. We can analyze your own personal circumstance and represent you in determining citizenship or in becoming a naturalized United States citizen.

Deportation Defense

A person’s whole life in the Untied States is dependent upon quick and accurate representation in the Immigration Court. We respond quickly when an individual is put into deportation proceedings. Whether someone is arrested and detained by ICE or served with a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court, we recognize that this crisis affects the individual and the entire family and community. We provide complete representation on all defenses to deportation, also know as removal proceedings.

Bond Hearings

An individual detained by ICE is entitled to only one hearing before an Immigration Judge to determine eligibility to be released on bond. We will visit the detained individual in jail within 24 hours and formulate a plan for bond hearing quickly. We will then work to assemble materials necessary to determine bond eligibility and to present solid evidence to the Immigration Judge why release on bond is appropriate. Securing the liberty of someone detained in jail is our highest priority.  


In addition to representing individuals in the Immigration Court, we handle appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Courts. We also handle immigration litigation matters in the United States District Courts.

DACA (Deferred Action for Certain Childhood Arrivals)

Certain individuals who came to the United States as children and who meet several key requirements may be eligible to remain in the United States and for work authorization.  DACA applications are more complicated than they appear and any information provided to the government may have negative consequences to future immigration status possibilities.  We can assist in filing the best possible application.  In some instances we may assist in cleaning up criminal records to meet eligibility requirements.

LGBT Immigration Issues

Attorney Robert M. Walsh is a member of the LGBT section of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. We stay up to date on the rapid changes in immigration law affecting our LGBT clients. Options for LGBT clients are constantly evolving. We are able to advise you on marriage and immigration options based upon your own particular circumstances and relationships.

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions and Criminal Representation

The effect of criminal convictions on non-citizens is a complex and intricate area of immigration law.  Some convictions for even minor offenses can result in immediate deportation proceedings and bars to re-entering the United States.  We provide consultations to criminal defense attorneys and criminal representation to those facing criminal charges.  No alien or Legal Permanent Resident should ever plea guilty to even a minor criminal offense without knowing the consequences of that plea for deportation, re-entry into the United States or eligibility for citizenship.

Asylum, NACARA, and Temporary Protective Status

United States immigration law provides special protection for those who have been persecuted or face fear of persecution in their own countries. Persecution based upon race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion may allow you asylum status in the United States with authorization for employment. Asylum cases are complex and time sensitive.


Studying in the United States is available to many who meet qualifications. Some programs allow work as part of the education process. Student visa holders may face sanctions, including removal, for a variety of infractions. We are able to advise you based upon your own individual circumstances or predicaments. 

Pro Bono Representation

Bob Walsh has been recognized by the American Immigration Lawyers Association for his work on behalf of indigent clients. Pro Bono clients are accepted only through the P.A.I.R Project or at the request of the Immigration Court. Information on the P.A.I.R. Project may be found at

General Immigrations Issues

United States immigration law is complex. Not all individual circumstances fit neatly into a defined category. We will advise you on how to obtain your goals for yourself, your family members or your business interests.

Immigration Law

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