Healthcare Law

The health care industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in United States.  With the advent of new medical technologies and the Affordable Care Act, the legal issues facing physicians, nurses, hospitals, and all medical providers are at a very critical juncture.

Our attorneys have represented health care professionals for over thirty years.  We have helped health care professionals avoid, manage, and resolve any disputes whether it be at the onset of a new medical practice or once the litigation process has begun.  Our knowledge of the health care industry and litigation experience are invaluable to clients who need fast, thorough, and helpful counseling. 

Our attorneys combine litigation experience with dispute resolution skills and an understanding of the complex health care industry.  We have handled health law matters at every level including matters involving litigation, medical malpractice, elder law, medical practice management, physician services, liscensure and discipline, Board of Registration in Medicien and Nursing hearings, compliance, end of life care, medical staff, peer review, patients rights, insurance claims, setting up a practice, HIPAA compliance and training, Medicare Fraud and abuse, alternative dispute resolutions, real estate, technology, right to die, privacy, employment discrimination and legal claims, and many more important legal topics.         

Board of Registration in Medicine and Nursing Matters

The lawyers at Reardon Law Office LLC have represented health care professionals at disciplinary hearings and reciprocity hearings before the commonwealth and state professional licensing board. 

In the health care industry, our attorneys have represented physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, and other medical professions before the Board of Registration in Medicine and other licensing authorities for over thirty years.  

Our lawyers have also represented medical professions at disciplinary hearings at hospitals, nursing homes, and other various medical facilities.  

Our attorneys have also been litigating in the Courts and before administrative agencies on behalf of health care professions for over 30 years.

Our team has also represented health care professionals in hospital-based peer-review proceedings.   We provide representation to clients who are already in the discipline or investigation process and counsel to clients who have a concern regarding potential discipline. 

We understand that the issues that arise for healthcare professionals in front of the Board are extremely important to the healthcare professional's present situation as well as their future career.  Important decisions need to be made quickly and sometimes with a lot of pressure coming from various forces.  We will advocate for our clients and will focus on what is in their best interest to both get through this present challenge and plan ahead for their future career.

Credentialing and Peer Review

As part of the employment process, most healthcare professionals are subjected to a rigorous credentialing process.  Providers usually undergo this credentialing process every two or three years. Further, as part of the credentialing process, the employer is required to oversee the practice of the provider and investigate concerns raised about their practice.  If the credentialing body determines that the care being provided is substandard, corrective action may be recommended in such a situation, there are policies and procedures which govern the rights and responsibilities of both parties.  These guidelines must usually be strictly adhered to.

These policies and procedures are usually referred to as “Peer Review” investigations and are governed by special statutes, regulations and professional staff by laws.  Our attorneys have counseled both institutions and providers about the peer review process so that all obligations are met, all rights are protected, and all proceedings are privileged.   We have also represented parties in such proceedings.  Finally, we have successfully represented parties before the Massachusetts Supreme Court when the confidentiality and conduct of such peer review proceedings were challenged.

Medical Practice Management

The attorneys at Reardon Law Office LLC (formerly Hassan & Reardon P.C.) have been working with healthcare administrators, physicians, and providers since the firm's inception in 1987.  Prior to that, Attorney Frank E. Reardon worked as assistant general counsel at Brigham & Women's Hospital.  

With more than thirty years of experience, our firm has been retained by hospitals, medical groups, and individual physicians to assist them in setting up a physician group or medical practice, as well as help create procedures and policies for existing groups.

Our attorneys have experience in negotiating and maintaining business relationships to help physicians and administrators build their practices.  Our lawyers help health care professionals in their relationships with hospitals, joint ventures, credentialing, or resulting litigation matters.  We also provide counsel as to the dissolution or restructuring of new groups and organizations.

Our attorneys are well versed in Stark and Anti-Kickback laws and can assist health care professionals in having their agreements comply with these regulations and statutes.

Our firm also provides counsel to health care professionals on non-competition agreements, contract drafting, contract reviews, compliance issues, billing services, patient development, corporate and regulatory counseling, medical staff issues, antitrust and competition, practice management, asset protection, bankruptcy, labor and employment, HIPAA compliance, health care real estate, technology, acquisition and leasing, lease agreements, land use and zoning, telemedicine, and drafting and reviewing employee policies, procedures, and handbooks.

For their service, we also provide a variety of different payment plans in addition to our typical retainer agreements.  One such agreement that client have found interesting is a flat monthly fee where we serve in the capacity of in house counsel to a small medical practice.

Medical Staff Issues

The attorneys at Reardon Law Office LLC regularly assists individual physicians, physician groups, hospitals, long term care facilities, and medical groups in avoiding, managing, and resolving medical staff issues arising from the relationship between employers and the medical staff. 

Our firm recognizes the importance of the relationship between hospitals and their medical staff and the need develop an environment of trust and cooperation.  Our lawyers have over thirty years of experience (including Attorney Frank Reardon's experience working as assistant general counsel at Brigham and Women's Hospital) in preparing medical staff bylaws, credentialing, and fair hearings policies that are favorable to both the medical staff and the employers.

We have lots of experience in representing clients at hearings in a compliance manner.  Our lawyers have handled such issues as policies governing disruptive physicians, on-call arrangements, security of hospital information systems, corporate policies, HIPPA, EMTALA, litigation support, employee manual breaches, employment discrimination claims, retaliation claims, whistleblowing claims, harassment claims, hostile work environment claims, and general dispute resolution to any disputes which can arise related to these issues.

Medicare Fraud and Abuse

Over the past couple of years our firm as noticed an increase in Medicare fraud and abuse matters being brought against physicians.  What starts as questions regarding simple billing errors can lead to recoupment letters requesting a large amount of reimbursements returned to Medicare.  As Medicare and other private payors have grown more aggressive in pursuing potential fraud and abuse issues, the need for representation among health care professionals has increased.  The rebuttal and appeals process can often be a complicated and strenuous undertaking and one of our experienced attorneys can help guide you through the process. Our lawyers have experience representing health care professionals ranging from hospitals, doctors, labratories, long term care facilities, rehab facilities, pharmacies, and other clients. Our firm handles matters in both state and federal trial court, the appellate level, before regulatory agencies, and before professional boards, such as the Board of Registration in Medicine and the Board of Registration in Nursing.

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