Healthcare and Estate Planning

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Healthcare and Estate Planning is a field of law where attorneys help individuals plan for their futures and the futures of their family, whether life goes as planned or the unexpected transpires.  Estate planning includes several areas of the law including wills & trusts, probate, health care, and real estate.  Some of the more common uses of this area of the law are to establish who will look out for your needs and desires, to determine how you will be taken care of during a health crisis, to state what your medical choices are if the unexpected does happen, to ensure your assets are handled in the way in which you desire, to make the probate process as simple as possible, and to ease the burden on loved ones.

From a Basic Will to an emergent health care proxy to a complex Estate Plan, the lawyers at Reardon Law Office LLC can help you and your family throughout the Healthcare and Estate planning process to ensure your needs are protected and met.  Our attorneys can assist you and your loved one in the preparation, execution, and safe storage of these vital documents. 

Attorney Samuel S. Reidy is a notary public and can serve in that function if requested.  Attorney Frank E. Reardon and his associates are experienced litigators who are also available for probate litigation, if necessary.  To avoid probate litigation, our firm recommends making sure the proper healthcare and estate planning documents are up to date and in proper form.

The most commonly requested documents are a will (a legal document allowing an individual to appoint one or more persons to manage his or her estate and distribute his or her assets to other designated individuals per his or her wishes); a healthcare proxy (a legal document which allows an individual to select another individual to make health care related decisions for him or her should he or she become incapacitated); and a power of attorney (a legal document that allows one person to act on behalf of another person).  As these are the three most common healthcare and estate planning documents, we have included a packaged deal for a reduced fee for both individuals and couples.

Our basic rates are detailed below:

Wills and Healthcare Planning

Basic Will for one (1): $250

Basic Will for couple (2): $400

Complex Will for one (1): $500

Complex Will for two (2): $750

Healthcare Proxy (1): $250

Power of Attorney (1): $250

Basic Estate Plan Package- A basic estate plan package includes a Basic Will (1), Healthcare Proxy (1), and Power of Attorney (1): $500

Couples Estate Plan Package: A couples estate plan package includes two Basic Wills (2), two Healthcare Proxy (2), and two Power of Attorneys (2): $1000

Travel Fee: $100 (Travel Fee may be waived at discretion of attorney)

Execution of a will(s) ceremony in which our attorneys notarize the will(s): $25

Expedited Fee (less than a three day turnaround): $50

Other Estate Planning

Revocable Family Trust: $500

Standard Contingent Trust: $200

Standard Contingent Trust for couple: $300

Standard Bypass Trust: $300

Standard Bypass Trust for couple: $450


Hourly rate against a retainer of $3000

Real Estate

Title Review: $250

Real Estate Title Search: $500

Real Estate Lease Drafting: from $200

Real Estate Contract Review: from $300

Real Estate Representation at closing only: $700

Real Estate Representation from contract to closing: $1,250